양현주(Yang, Hyunjoo)

Ph.D. : Brown University (2016)
B.A. : Incheon National University (2008)
연구 분야 : Development Economics
연구실 : GN-615
교내전화 : 8504
Email :


[1] "The impact of customer loyalty on restaurant sanitation grades and the importance of narrative information: The case of New York Restaurant Sanitation Grading System," (with Min Gyung Kim, and Anna Mattila) Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 59 (2018), 275-284.

[2] "Family clans and public goods: Evidence from the New Village Beautification Project in South Korea," Journal of Development Economics 136(2019), 34-50.

[3] "Social insurance in an aging population: Impacts of a government transfer program in South Korea," (with Kanghyock Koh) Economic Development and Cultural Change (Forthcoming in 2020)