Workshop on Behavioural Public Policy, December 15, 2017
· David Kasdan (Sungkyunkwan University): Behavioral Public Administration in Korea: An Agenda for Experimental Research
· Yu-Hsuan Lin (Catholic University of Korea): Reciprocity in Public Goods Provision
· Donata Bessey (Yonsei University): Hierarchies and Decision Making: Experimental Explorations
· oruk Iris (Sogang University): Representation, Peer Pressure, and Punishment in a Repeated Public Goods Game
Experimental Economics Workshop, June 25, 2014
· Subhasish Modak Chowdhury (University of East Anglia, U.K.)
· Jinkwon Lee (Sogang University, Korea): Hypothetical Bias in Risk Attitudes and Stated WTP : An Experiment
· Charles Bram Cadsby (University of Guelph, Canada): Psychological Incentives, Financial Incentives, and Risk Attitudes in Tournaments: An   Artefactual Field Experiment
· Fei Song (Ryerson University, Canada): Promise Keeping, Guanxi and Mianzi: An Experimental Investigation
Fighting Against Poverty: Experimental Evidence, June 17, 2014
· 박문수 신부 (예수회): 예수회의 철학에서 바라본 빈곤문제
· 김부열 (Columbia University): The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Human Capital Development: Evidence from a Randomized   Evaluation in Malawian Secondary Schools
· 김현철 (Cornell University): Externality and Complementarity of HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs
· 김정호 (아주대학교): Evaluating Long-Term Impacts of Sustained Mass Deworming: South Korea, 1969-1995
· 이철희 (서울대학교): Changing Relationship between Unemployment and Mortality in South Korea, 1989-2012
· 남주하, 박정수, 이정민, 홍석철 (서강대학교): 장기연체자 채무감면의 후생효과 분석
Sogang-SUPEX Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop, December 5, 2013
· Klaus Abbink (Monash University)
· Syngjoo Choi (University College London)
· Doruk Iris (Sogang University)
· Masao Ogaki (Keio University)
· Jason Shachat (Xiamen University)
· Joseph Tao-yi Wang (National Taiwan University)
Summer Camp for Behavioral and Experimental Economics, August 5-7, 2013
Invited Lecturers :
· Jung-Kyoo Choi (Kyungpook National University)
· Jinkwon Lee (Sogang University)
· Wooyoung Lim (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Day 1 (8/5, Mon) Day 2 (8/6, Tue) Day 3 (8/7, Wed)
10:00-12:00 Jung-Kyoo Choi
Intro. Behavioral Economics
Jinkwon Lee
Z tree 1
Jinkwon Lee
Z tree 2
13:00-15:00 Jung-Kyoo Choi
Intro. Experimental Economics
Wooyoung Lim
Basics of Lab Experiment
Wooyoung Lim
Cheap Talk Game
Behavioral and Experimental Economics Half-Day Workshop, May 24, 2013
· T.K. Ahn (Seoul National University)
· Jung-Kyoo Choi (Kyungpook National University)
· Sungha Hwang (Sogang University)
· Soohyung Lee (University of Maryland at College Park)
Seminars (Spring 2013):
· Feb 20, 2013: Cary Deck (University of Arkansas), Alliance Formation with an Opportunistic Challenger: Theory and Experiments (with    Joshua Foster and Hongwei Song)
· March 14, 2013: Alessandro Tavoni (London School of Economics), Domestic Politics and the Formation of International Environmental   Agreements (with Simon Dietz and Carmen Marchiori)
· March 28, 2013: Wooyoung Lim (HKUST) A Game Theoretic Approach to Randomized Response: Theory and Experiments
(with Andreas Blume and Ernest K. Lai)
· April 2, 2013: Jonathan Newton (U of Sydney) Coalitions, Tipping Points and the Speed of Evolution
· April 12, 2013: Matt Shum (Caltech) Words Get in the Way: The Effect of Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making
(with Matias Iaryczower and Xiaoxia Shi)